Another Rate Hike?

Posted by John Marsh on July 29, 2009

You’re hearing the stories on News Radio 950 – KWOS.  Ameren wants to jack up your electric rates again…this time by 20 – percent. Lawmakers weren’t able to overturn the state law that lets voters decide if big utilities can bill you while they’ll build new power plants .. like the proposed Callaway Two nuke plant. So now it’s up to the P-S-C to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to the hike.

But if defense of Ameren .. it isn’t just the big utilities wanting to raise rates. Smaller investor owned power co-ops have jacked up their rates as well.

And we won’t even get started on ‘cap and trade’.

The solution? — Buy some solar panels and hook up the old windmill.


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