Severe Weather Hits Mid-Missouri

Posted by Warren Krech on May 21, 2013

The widespread tornado devastation we saw in Oklahoma Monday did not make its way up here. We did have some severe thunderstorms Monday night though, with strong wind gusts and hail that caused some minor damage…

“We kind of lucked out,” ABC 17 Stormtrack Meteorologist Neville Miller says. “Mainly what we saw was just some gusty winds. There was some hail, but in general the worst of the weather held off to our south and west.”

Miller says our risk for severe weather is much lower now, although they could see some action in Eastern Missouri and parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

We’re also still waiting for confirmation from the National Weather Service on a small tornado that may have touched down in the small Pettis County town of LaMonte. Several homes and farm buildings are damaged there, some vehicles were overturned, and trees were uprooted. Witnesses say they saw the small tornado hit at about 6:00 p.m. Monday.

Boone Electric Cooperative is sending four linemen to the Sedalia area, to help fix broken poles and restore power.

(photo courtesy of storm chaser Aaron Pippin, shot near Sturgeon on Monday)


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