John Marsh

More talk about Cole Courthouse flag

half staff

You’ve heard plenty about the flap over not lowering the Cole County Courthouse flag to half-staff in the aftermath of the Orlando gay bar shootings. Challenger Janet Ousley has called out Western Commissioner Kris Scheperle for initially voting to leave the flag at full staff. While Presiding Commissioner Sam Bushman …

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Boat fire at the ‘Lake’


The Missouri Highway patrol says it has yet to come up with a cause for a spectacular explosion and fire aboard a boat at the Lake of the Ozarks Saturday afternoon. 53-year-old Sheri Walker suffered moderate injuries when the boat erupted into flames shortly after Walker and her 27 –year-old …

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Now its the ‘Dems’ turn at the Convention


It’s a new week and a new national convention. With Democrats flocking to Philadelphia today for the first day of the Democratic National Convention, the action turns now to Donald Trump’s general election opponent: Hillary Clinton. After an action-packed week in Cleveland that included everything from charges of plagiarism, booing …

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Vindication for one time state veterans advocate

veterans commission

A Jefferson City jury finds in favor of a former Missouri Veterans Commission employee who claimed she was discriminated against and harassed prior to her dismissal in November 2009. The jury awarded Pat Rowe Kerr 1-point-3 million dollars in actual damages and 1-point-575-million in punitive damages. Kerr claimed Missouri Veterans …

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Former Osage Sheriff Dixon faces fines

michael dixon

Former Osage County sheriff Michael Dixon will now have to pay a fine and court costs in a case where he’s accused of harassing a female police officer prior to his becoming sheriff. A St. Louis County judge revoking Dixon’s probation on his guilty plea from Jul1st, 2014. Dixon will …

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It’s all about ‘The Donald’!


Donald Trump, presidential nominee, is now a reality. The Republican Party, fractured along establishment and insurgent lines through a raucous primary season, chose its presidential nominee at its convention, and the real estate mogul accepted it Thursday night before a packed arena. He enters the general election season as one …

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Man waving BB gun around gets shot by cop

bb shoot eye

Boone County deputies say the man who was shot in Sturgeon Thursday morning, was shot by an officer. They say a woman called Sturgeon police to her home to report that a man who was drunk had assaulted her. The sheriff’s department says Sturgeon police arrived on the scene before …

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More theft ring arrests in the Kingdom of Callaway

theft ring

The Callaway County sheriff’s office has made more arrests as it breaks up a theft ring in the county. Wednesday, deputies served a search warrant at a home on county road 4031 near Holts Summit and took three people into custody. 29-year-old Jacqulyn Darst of California, 36- year-old Loyde Thomasson …

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Convicted baby killer will stay in jail

thomas presley

An appeals court panel has upheld the life without parole sentence for a lake area man accused of beating a three year old boy to death. 25-year-old Thomas Presley was found guilty of first degree murder in January 2015. A Cass County jury finding that Presley beat to death three …

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Hot weather blows up the pavement


You might call them the ‘flipside’ of winter potholes. Cole County Public Works Larry Benz says they’re seeing pavement blow-ups mainly on older concrete streets and highways … On KWOS Open Air, Benz says the hot weather makes the pavement buckle. He adds it’s generally not a problem on blacktop …

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