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  1. details of spence jackson suicide note released

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    The Missouri auditor’s spokesman wrote “I just can’t take being unemployed again,” before his apparent suicide, authorities said Tuesday.

    Jefferson City Police Capt. Doug Shoemaker said Tuesday that the note from Spence Jackson was dated March 27. Jackson was found dead Sunday in his Jefferson City apartment from a single gunshot wound to the head, Shoemaker said, adding that police are still investigating.

    Jackson’s family wanted the note’s contents released, Shoemaker said at the news conference before reading the full note. It said: “I’m so sorry. I just can’t take being unemployed again.”

    His death came about a month after Jackson’s boss, state Auditor Tom Schweich, fatally shot himself at his home in the St. Louis suburb of Clayton.

    The deaths of Jackson and Schweich, who was running for governor, have shaken Missouri politics — particularly the Republican Party — heading into an important 2016 election featuring races for most of Missouri’s top offices.

    Schweich shot himself Feb. 26, just minutes after he told an Associated Press reporter that he wanted to go public with allegations that the head of the Missouri Republican Party had told some donors last year that Schweich was Jewish. Schweich, who was Christian but had Jewish ancestry, said he perceived the remarks as anti-Semitism.

    State Republican Party Chairman John Hancock has said he has no recollection of saying such things but has acknowledged it’s possible because he mistakenly believed Schweich was Jewish until Schweich told him otherwise last November.

    Jackson, who had worked for Republican officeholders for some of the past two decades, was among the first to call for Hancock’s resignation after Schweich’s funeral. Hancock has remained as party chairman.

  2. sheriff white to retire – 3 want his job

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    Cole County Sheriff Greg White won’t run for re-election. It comes as no real surprise as White has said for some time he plans to retire. He’s
    endorsing Sheriff’s Captain John Wheeler for the job. Both White and Wheeler worked together at the Jefferson City Police Department.

    Cole County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Gary Hill along with Cole County Prosecutors Investigator and former JC-PD officer Randy Dampf also
    plan to run for Sheriff.

  3. 20-15 is a tough time to be a cop

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    Do you think incidents like Ferguson are making police more accountable? Former Missouri Public Safety Director Gary Kempker has seen a real mindset change …

    Kempker is also a one – time State Corrections Director and Jefferson City’s former police chief. He says law officers are under tighter scrutiny than at any time before.

  4. fulton parents still want some answers about a student survey

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    The controversy in Fulton over that survey given to students at the middle school the Friday before spring break continues to spiral. When students arrived for school yesterday, they found that principal Christopher Crane had been let go. Parents also found out in an email from the district over the weekend that the school district was self-reporting violations of student privacy policies to the U.S. Department of Education.

  5. Mayor Candidate Bob Scrivner On Open Air

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    Here’s our conversation with JC Mayor candidate Bob Scrivner on KWOS Open Air:

    icon for podpress  KWOS Open Air 3/30/15: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download