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  1. should they leave unfilled jefferson city govt. jobs open?

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    Your Mayor calls it ‘eliminating a vacancy savings line item’. Eric Struemph’s recommendation could effectively leave some unfilled jobs open …

    But Struemph doesn’t rule out filling those unfunded positions before the new fiscal year begins November 1st. That will be up to the full council. He presented his 29 –(m) million dollar budget proposal earlier this month.

  2. bob holden wants to bring back ‘civics’ class

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    Some former state officials are backing a proposal to require high school students to pass the same test used for immigrants applying for citizenship. Former governor Bob Holden among those backing the test. Under the proposal, Missouri high school students would have to correctly answer at least 60 percent of the questions correctly to graduate.

  3. Murder At The Library!

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    …but no need for alarm.  It’s time for the Missouri River Regional Library’s Capital Read Program, and this year’s featured book is a murder mystery, The Weight Of Blood, by Columbia author Laura McHugh (pictured left).  She joined MRRL Director Claudia Schoonover on KWOS Open Air:

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  4. a jefferson city man accused in stabbing

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    A Jefferson City man faces charges after stabbing another man. 24 – year old Brandon Rapier is accused of going to a home in the 14-hundred block of East McCarty early Tuesday and vandalizing the victim’s car and stabbing him in the chest and arm. The victim injuries weren’t serious. Rapier was arrested later in the day. He face assault, weapons charges and property destruction.

  5. a jcmo couple dodges murder charges

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    Two people accused of taking part in a murder at the Lake have pleaded guilty to drug charges. 30 year old Mandy Mitchell and 47-year-old Garland Mitchell of Jefferson City avoided trial on second degree murder charges in the deaths of Freddie and Carol Watson. They were killed at their Versailles home in February of 2013. The couple maintains that a third man…Derrell Spellmeyer went into the Wilson’s home and  killed them. Spellmeyer has already pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

  6. new apache flats sidewalks will make it safer for kids

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    Your detours and ‘slow – going’ through Apache Flats will be over soon. Cole County Western District Commissioner Kris Scheperle (shep-per-lee) says the Business – 50 project should be done by the end of the year …

    Next year, the ‘Safe Routes to School’ project will link new sidewalks from Rainbow Drive to Pioneer Trails school.

  7. will ebola make it to the u-s?

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    Is Ebola really something you should worry about? It might be .. if you’re one of those several thousand military medical personnel who may be sent to West Africa. But Capital Region Medical Center’s Dr. Chris Link says be glad the disease isn’t as infectious as the flu …

    He adds if Ebola spread like the flu it would be worldwide by now.

  8. Dr. Link On Open Air

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    Entero Virus, Flu, E-Cigarettes, and “gut buddies”.  Here’s our latest conversation with Dr. Chris Link of Capital Region’s Integrative Medicine Clinic on KWOS Open Air:

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  9. It’s A Riot!

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    State Historical Society Of Missouri Director Gary Kremer talks about the Jefferson City Prison Riot of 1954 on the eve of the event’s 60th anniversary:

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  10. new firepower for lincoln – u cops

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    Why does a campus police department need military rifles? A recent ‘chronicle dot com’ article shows Lincoln  University got a Department of Defense grant for the M-16′s,  along with dozens of other pieces of equipment.

    LUPD Chief Bill Nelson says, if a Virginia Tech-style shooting  happened, he wouldn’t want to wait for the city or the county to show up quickly.

    Nelson also says the federal grants are critical for his small, underfunded department to get gear like first aid kits, modern computers, and a backup generator.