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  1. can a ferguson officer ever get a fair trial?

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    How would you like to be the prosecutor who might have to charge the cop who shot Michael Brown? Jefferson City N-A-A-C-P President Rod Chapel says that would be a difficult case … He calls it a ‘no-win’.

    There are still calls for the St. Louis County Prosecutor to remove himself from the case. There are fears that a trial would only inflame tensions in Ferguson.

  2. young new bloomfield officer dies after 2012 crash

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    Michael Tufts, the New Bloomfield police officer involved in a deadly drunk driving crash in December 2012, died Saturday night in Columbia.

    Tufts was 25.

    Patricia Tufts, Michael’s mother, said her son passed away while in a coma around 11 p.m. at Southampton Nursing Home. Tufts suffered the coma when a drunk driver hit his truck, killing Tufts’ passenger Michelle Morrow on Providence Road in Columbia.

    The driver, Spencer Gordon, pleaded guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of second-degree assault in March. The court charged Gordon with second-degree assault for Tufts’ injuries. That charge will not be changed to involuntary manslaughter because of Tufts’ death.

  3. body found near enon is identified

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    Those human remains found by a hunter in rural Moniteau County a couple of week ago turn out to belong to a Jefferson City man. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says dental records show the body is that of 32-year-old Cody Odean Thirlwall. A patrol spokesman says foul pay in the death has not been ruled out.

  4. lake area woman faces charge after fatal crash

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    A Camden County woman faces multiple charges following a traffic crash that killed a two year old boy. The Camden County sheriff says Blair Dority of roach was drunk when she drove her pick up truck off a rural road. The truck struck a tree and rolled over. There were eight people in the truck…including four children under the age of 8…and none was wearing a seat belt or was in a child safety seat. Two year old Kaygyn Dority was pronounced dead at the scene. All the other passengers in the truck suffered injuries from minor to serious. Blair Dority is charged with involuntary manslaughter and six counts of assault as well as driving while intoxicated.

  5. what do the numbers say about police shootings?

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    You can take the FBI data showing only about 400 kills by police a year with a big grain of salt, according to one MU system professor. David Klinger’s research has found that big police departments under-report their killings to the FBI, and some agencies don’t report them at all. He adds the feds have no data at all on unjustified police homicides, and those shot at by cops that live.

    Dr. Klinger says the data is important because using deadly force represents the state’s ultimate power, and we need to know if it’s used correctly.

  6. one racer critical after lake crash

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    A power boat pilot from Rhode Island is still in critical condition at University hospital…and his craft flipped end over end at more than 170 miles per hour on the Lake. Michael Fiore was airlifted after the wreck. His partner, Joel Begin of Valley Field Quebec suffered more minor injuries and was released from the hospital yesterday. The boat was making a run in the Lake Shootout Saturday when the boat went airborne.

  7. should missouri’s attorney general take over brown investigation?

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    Who do you think should head up the investigation into the shooting of Ferguson teen Michael Brown? Jefferson City state rep Jay Barnes agrees that the St. Louis County prosecutor should not handle the case …

    On KWOS Open Air, Barnes adds that Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster should take over the Brown shooting. He’s sponsoring a bill next session that would require the A-G office to handle all police shooting cases.

  8. michael brown funeral was today

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    Hundreds of people gathered to say goodbye to Michael Brown Monday, who was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer earlier this month.

    A long line of people waited Monday morning in sweltering heat to get into the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis for Brown’s funeral. Brown’s father has called for a day of peace in honor of his 18-year-old son.

    One of the mourners at today’s funeral for Michael Brown said she went there to “pray for the family and pray for peace.” Angela Pierce, said she hopes the funeral turns a page and eases tensions. But most importantly, she said, she hopes it provides healing for Brown’s family.

    As people filed into a church sanctuary in St. Louis, poster-sized photos of Brown were on display near the casket, along with another photo of him as a small child.

    Brown’s father has asked for a break in the protests that followed the fatal shooting of the 18-year-old by a Ferguson police officer. This morning, it appeared that his request was being honored. At the Ferguson Police Department, where a small, steady group of protesters has stood vigil for two weeks, a handmade sign announced a “break for funeral.”



  9. jcmo naacp chief says trouble has been brewing

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    As investigators look for answers in the Ferguson case, others are hoping to dig deeper.  On KWOS Open Air, Jefferson City NAACP Chapter President Rod Chapel says the unrest is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Chapel, who is an attorney, says he’s hoping a special prosecutor will be brought in to handle the case.

  10. new allegations against former tiger ‘d-wash’

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    Two more former University of Missouri students have gone public with assault allegations against ex-running back Derrick Washington, including a women’s soccer player who said her coach suggested she could lose her scholarship if she pursued her complaint that Washington punched her in a 2010 fight.

    A second woman said Washington raped her on campus. Prosecutors declined to file charges in that case, despite a request to do so by campus police.

    The women made the statements to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” for a report published Thursday.