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  1. nixon frees up education $

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    Gov. Jay Nixon has released $143 million of education funding that he had frozen, because lawmakers sustained most of his vetoes of tax-break bills.

    Nixon announced the release of the money Thursday, after lawmakers concluded a veto session in which they overrode 47 line-item budget vetoes and 10 vetoes on other bills.

    Despite their record number of overrides, lawmakers sustained most of Nixon’s vetoes on a package of bills that would have granted tax breaks to various businesses such as electric companies, computer data centers and fitness clubs.

    The released funding includes $100 million for K-12 schools and $43 million for colleges and universities.

    Nixon said he is evaluating whether to release any of the additional $700 million of spending that he has restricted because of concerns over state finances

  2. jcmo woman dies in i – 70 crash

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    A Jefferson City woman died in the massive wreck that shut parts of Interstate 70 down for more than 12 hours.   The highway patrol says a Jeep lost control in bad weather on  eastbound I-70 near Warrenton yesterday evening,  causing a three-vehicle accident. The third vehicle, a semi,  crossed the median and hit 63-year-old Lynn Hebenheimer’s car as she was heading westbound. Five more westbound vehicles crashed as part of the accident too.

  3. Coping With Catastrophe

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    Few catastrophes are as monumental or life-changing as 911, but even those small daily stresses can add up.  Here’s our latest conversation with St. Mary’s Psychologist Dr. Laurel Kramer on KWOS Open Air:

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  4. remembering the heroes of 9-11

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    The nation will pause today to mark the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

    Family members of those killed will gather in the morning to read the names of the deceased at ground zero in New York. They’ll pause four times: when each plane struck the World Trade Center and when each tower fell.

    The National September 11 Museum will be open, but the memorial plaza will be closed to the public for most of the day and only available to family members.

  5. the veto session comes and goes in a hurry

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    It took until three-oh-clock this morning, but the state legislature has wrapped up its annual veto session. The Missouri House and Senate overrode Governor Nixon on about 50 spending decisions in the state budget, also overriding the governor on vetoes on a 72-hour waiting period on abortions and a new gun law that will allow certain trained school staff to carry weapons. The budget overrides are mostly symbolic as the governor can withhold money from budgeted items as he sees fit to balance the state books.

  6. missouri river might get to flood stage

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    How high’s the water momma? 11 feet high and rising. Torrential rains in northwest Missouri over the last 24 hours are expected to swell the river to about 24 feet by Saturday. That’s just above technical flood stage in Jefferson City.

  7. osage county man faces meth and bomb charges

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    A former military man now faces criminal charges after Osage County sheriff’s deputies found a pipe bomb and drugs at his home near Chamois. In a statement from the sheriff’s office, deputies said they found a meth lab inside the home of Zachary Reed along with an armed pipe bomb and another under construction. The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s bomb squad was called to the scene to dispose of the explosives.

  8. jcfd chief remembers his days at ‘ground zero’

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    Your memories of ‘Nine – Eleven’ may include the images of the planes flying into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. But new Jefferson City Fire Chief Matt Schofield remembers seeing a smashed New York ladder truck and the wreckage at Ground Zero …

    Schofield was part of the Missouri Task Force One search team that worked in Lower Manhattan in the days immediately after ‘Nine – Eleven’.

  9. a columbia killer meets his maker

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    Earl Ringo, Jr. has been put to death by the state of Missouri for killing two people at a Columbia restaurant in 1998. The Department of Corrections says Ringo died by lethal injection at 12:31 a.m. The execution happened after both Governor Jay Nixon and courts refused to grant a stay or clemency.

    Ringo was convicted for the deaths of Joanna Baysinger and Dennis Poyser at the Ruby Tuesday on Bernadette Drive. The murders happened during a robbery committed by Ringo and Quinton Jones. Baysinger was a manager at the restaurant at the time, and Poyser was a delivery driver. Jones later pleaded guilty to the charges against him and testified against Ringo.

    Ringo’s attorneys tried unsuccessfully to halt the execution, citing concerns about one of the drugs the state uses in lethal injections. They said the drug, midazolam, could dull his senses and leave him unable to express any pain or suffering during the process.

  10. fulton woman gets prison for robbery and beating

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    A guilty plea gets a Fulton woman ten years behind bars. 59 – year old Pamela Carter admits to abducting, robbing and beating Sara Spencer outside the Fulton Wal Mart in October of 20-12. The victim was later dumped along a rural Callaway County road. Carter also admitted to robbing the Holiday Inn that same month.