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  1. ** update ** moniteau prosecutor gets venue change in his car crash case

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    Moniteau County Prosecutor Shayne Healea will see his case moved out of Boone County. Healea is accused of crashing his pickup into a downtown Columbia restaurant and then driving off. The November accident at Addisons injured four diners. Court records claim that Healea had alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. His trial on assault and leaving the scene charges will now be held in Shelby County.

  2. columbia dog fight leads to shots & arrests

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    The Boone County sheriff’s department has a couple of men in custody after a dog fight in a Boone County subdivision leads to gun fire. Deputies say 35 year Josh Williams got a gun and began firing after a neighbor stabbed Williams dog to death after it attacked the neighbor’s dog. Williams faces a long list of charges. A second man was taken into custody for resisting arrest.


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    A close call for a Rolla toddler. Police in Rolla say they rescued a ten month old from a burning car. The mother of the baby told police she left the baby in his car seat while she went into a business. She say she returned to find the car on fire.  Emergency responders began CPR on the boy…then rushed him to hospitals in Rolla and St. Louis. Police say they are looking into the cause of the fire…and the mother may be facing child endangerment charges.

  4. Representative Bernskoetter On Open Air

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    We caught up with State Representative Mike Bernskoetter (R-Wardsville) before spring break. Here’s our conversation:

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  5. did g-o-p chairman john hancock say late auditor tom schweich was jewish?

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    A prominent Republican donor stepped forward Thursday to back up assertions that Missouri’s GOP chairman had made negative remarks about the religion of the state auditor, who killed himself amid perceptions he was the target of an anti-Semitic whispering campaign.

    Republican businessman and donor David Humphreys released a signed affidavit saying Republican consultant John Hancock, who later was elected head of the party, told him on Nov. 24 that Auditor Tom Schweich was Jewish.

    “The meaning I took from Mr. Hancock’s statement and tone of his comments was clear: He (Tom Schweich) is Jewish — in case you didn’t know — and that being Jewish is a negative attribute for Tom Schweich’s gubernatorial race,” Humphreys said in the affidavit.

    Humphreys is the first person to publicly attest to hearing such comments from Hancock.

    Hancock said Thursday that he had met with Humpheys at the businessman’s Joplin office to discuss fundraising efforts, but he denied saying anything about Schweich’s religion.

    “It didn’t happen,” Hancock said.

  6. will jcmo parks and rec offices move to lincoln – u?

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    You may have to make a trip to the Lincoln campus to sign up the kids for Jefferson City youth sports. Parks leaders would like to move their offices into the planned multipurpose building proposed for the college campus …

    L-U President Dr. Kevin Rome is waiting for the project to move ahead. The city is pledging a one and a half (m) – million dollar line of credit to help with the construction. The plan would free up space in the City Hall annex to move the Municipal Court into.


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    Rocky Mount Fire Protection District Chief Larry Paynter suffers severe injuries in a deadly head on collision Route Y in Morgan County. Donna Grammer of Rocky Mount was trying to pass another vehicle in a no-passing zone when she struck Paynter’s S-U-V head on…and the side swiped the vehicle she was trying to pass. Grammer was pronounced dead at the scene. Paynter was taken to lake Regional Hospital with serious injuries…while the driver of the third vehicle was not injured.

  8. Representative Barnes On Open Air

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    It’s halftime at the State Capitol, as legislators prepare for their Spring break.  Here’s our latest conversation with Representative Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City) on KWOS Open Air:

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  9. icy plane lands back at columbia regional aiport

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    It was cold and rainy in Columbia Wednesday…and apparently just above the ground…it was pretty icy. The pilot of a small plane turned around and landed back at Columbia Regional Airport yesterday when he noticed ice forming on his wings and wind shield at about 35-hundred feet. The pilot was headed for St. Louis, but without de-icing equipment, he declared an emergency and returned to Columbia Regional. Emergency crews were dispatched for the landing…but the plane came down without incident.

  10. some folks may be losing their welfare checks

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    Missourinet —

    The House proposes reducing from five years to two-and-a-half years the amount of time a family could utilize the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, program. The bill left the Senate proposing a reduction to four years.
    Democrat leader Jake Hummel attempted to restore the limit in the bill to five years…
    The bill goes back to the Senate, who could accept the shorter time frame or seek to negotiate a compromise between the two chambers.