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  1. tiki bar owner gets 18 – years

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    A Jefferson City man changes his mind…and pleads guilty to several sex charges. 44-year-old Brett Courtney was supposed to go on trial Tuesday for the 2012 sexual assault of a 16 year old girl in a home on St. Louis Road. Just before the start of Tuesday’s trial, Courtney changed his plea to guilty and was given an 18 year sentence.

    Courtney owned the Tiki Room Bar and Grill on High Street.

  2. Central Bank High School Tailgate

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    Join NewsRadio 950 & FM 100.9 KWOS at the 2014 Central Bank High School Tailgates!








  3. eye-witness in ferguson shooting is wanted in jc-mo

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    Jefferson City police thought there was something familiar about the so-called key witness in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. Turns out Dorian Johnson, who was walking with Michael Brown, is wanted on a Jefferson City warrant for stealing. The case dates back to 2011.

    Our news partner – ABC 17 News is also reporting Johnson is charged with filing a false police report, also in 2011.

  4. hands up! don’t shoot!

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    Attorney General Eric Holder’s trip to Ferguson, Missouri, Wednesday brings the full weight of the U.S. government to its investigation of the police shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

    Holder is uniquely suited to the task of reassuring protesters that the case will be handled fairly. The first African-American to serve as attorney general, he’s pushed the government into bolder action on civil rights. He’s championed reduced sentences for non-violent drug crimes, opposed voting restrictions and cracked down on brutality and racial bias by police.

    Holder says he knows from personal experience as a young man what it’s like to be stopped and searched by police without cause. And he says the Trayvon Martin case prompted him to warn his teenage son how to act if that happens to him.

  5. mamtek ceo sees charges against him stack up

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    A federal judge has ruled that former Mamtek CEO Bruce Cole committed fraud to obtain almost $1.3 million from bond funds that were to be used to build an artificial sweetener plant in Moberly.

    In a ruling issued Friday, U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey rejected all claims raised by Cole and his wife, Nanette Cole, in a bankruptcy case. She ruled that $904,167 transferred to the Coles’ personal accounts and $360,000 sent overseas to Cole’s creditors must be repaid.


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    Like that bad song you can’t get out of your head, the Westboro Baptists Church ‘haters’ make another swing thru Mid – Missouri. This time they’re blaming the Governor and everyone else for what’s going on in Ferguson. Members of the Topeka – based church protested along Highway – 50, at Lincoln University and at J-C High. They’re the group that’s been here before to picket at military funerals.

  7. Dr. Chris Link On Open Air

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    Salt, ticks, carbs, veggies and…gas?

    We talked about them all with Dr. Chris Link of Capital Region Medical Center’s Integrative Medicine Clinic on KWOS Open Air:

    icon for podpress  KWOS Open Air 8/19/14: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

  8. ‘tanks’? .. but ‘no tanks’

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    Military – grade vehicles and gear .. you’re hearing more and more about that being part of the debate over the unrest in Ferguson. The Cole County Sheriff’s Department is one of many agencies that now has a surplus military ‘M-RAP’ …

    Sheriff Greg White says their 690 – thousand dollar vehicle was provided for free by the Department of Defense.

  9. what’s the history behind the ferguson protests?

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    It’s happened before, and it will probably happen again.  That’s historian Gary Kremer’s take on the Ferguson riots.

    Kremer is head of the State Historical Society Of Missouri.  On KWOS Open Air, he says the shooting of Michael Brown was only the spark that touched off long-standing racial trouble in St. Louis.