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  1. roy blunt says ‘stop the kids at the border’

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    With tens of thousands of children showing up at the U.S. border, many including Missouri Senator Roy Blunt think President Obama has not responded quickly or forcefully enough to the situation. Blunt says children are escaping violence in Central American countries, but they risk a dangerous journey to get into the U.S.

    Blunt says those children could wind up in dangerous situations even after entering the United States.

  2. jay barnes worked hard on the ‘mug shot’ bill

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    Is it fair for a private company to put your mug shot up on the web for all to see and then charge you big bucks to take it down? Jay Barnes didn’t think so …

    Governor Nixon has signed the Jefferson City Representative’s bill that bars those companies from charging as much as 1 – thousand dollars to delete those photos.


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    Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement officers find crystal meth, paraphernalia and kids in a home in Osage County during a drug bust over the weekend. Katriona Honse of Vienna and Richard Dippold of Jefferson City are in the Osage County jail on 20- thousand dollar bonds. The couple was arrested at a home just outside Freeburg Saturday.

  4. jcmo man accused of raping a 7 – year old

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    A Jefferson City man is charged with statutory rape. The 7-year-old victim told police Javaughn Hodges raped her multiple times starting back in August 2013. She also told police the last time it happened was after the end of school in May this year. The alleged abuse happened in the 1000-block of Elizabeth Street.

  5. jcmo dwi court racking up good results

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    You probably know someone who’s been busted for driving drunk. And Jefferson City Prosecutor Brian Stumpe says too many of those people end up right back in his courtroom …

    Jefferson City’s online DWI court is paid for by the offender. Stumpe says it’s one of the first in the country.


  6. drug bust in argyle

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    Osage County sheriff’s deputies busted a couple in the town of Argyle with crystal meth, marijuana and an illegal gun. 35 year old Kenneth McMullin is in the county jail on 25-thousand dollars bond. 25-year old Kindra Timm also face drug charges but is out on her own awaiting court dates.


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    Gov. Jay Nixon has put the kibosh on plans to sell beer and wine at the Missouri Capitol.

    Nixon vetoed legislation Thursday that would have allowed alcohol sales at Capitol events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the building or the 200th anniversary of Missouri’s statehood.

    The governor said alcohol sales could have presented a poor image to children and families who visit the Capitol.

    Supporters had hoped to raise money through vendor contracts to sell alcohol.

    The legislation also would have allowed alcohol sales at the former Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, which has become a popular tourist destination.

    The veto doesn’t stop people from drinking alcohol at the Capitol, which already is common

  8. mom takes kid — now faces charges

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    A mom is taken into custody in Texas for kidnapping a six-year-old Jefferson City boy. The parents don’t have a court-ordered custody agreement, but the boy has always lived with his dad. Police say the boy’s father let him go to dinner with his mother Tuesday night, and she didn’t bring him back.

    Investigators got a warrant last (wed) night, and found the boy soon after that in Katy, Texas. The mother, Shanika Myers, was arrested.

  9. should they spend your tax $ on another consultant?

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    “Don’t waste any more of your tax dollars on another Consultant”. Jefferson City Councilman Glen Costales says there has to be a better way of finding solutions to the city bus system …

    The city has put out a ‘request for proposal’ on the issue. Councilman Carlos Graham says maybe they could use the money raised by ads plastered on the sides of the buses to pay for a consultant. Jefferson City antes up about a (m) – million dollars a year to keep the buses running.

  10. the lights are still out in columbia

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    Over three thousand customers are still without power in Columbia as crews continue to try and clean up what storms brought in Monday Night. Connie Kacprowicz with Columbia Water and Light says instead of one big problem,
    workers are trying to deal with hundreds of small incidents, and one huge problem.
    Kacprowicz says many crews are focusing on the Fairview road area right now to try and restore power to a large number of people. In the meantime she says some smaller outages may take workers four hours to repair, but only
    restore power to a handful of customers.