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  1. executioner – 10 .. missouri inmates – 0

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    The state of Missouri has executed its tenth death row inmate this year. Paul Goodwin died from a lethal injection just after midnight at Bonne Terre prison. He was found guilty of beating a neighbor lady to death with a hammer in St. Louis County in 1998. Goodwin’s execution is a record amount for the state n one year.

  2. cole county shaken baby case being retried

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    The retrial of a baby sitter accused of child abuse continues today in Cole County circuit court. Shelly Richter of Taos was convicted of endangering the welfare of a child in March 2013. On appeal, a judge granted a new trial in the case. Prosecutors say Richter severely injured a child in her care by shaking the infant. Richter says she dropped the baby when she accidentally tripped.

  3. was the missouri national guard misused in ferguson?

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    The leader of a Missouri business group is pointing fingers at Governor Nixon for allowing Ferguson’s business district to burn during the night of the Michael Brown grand jury announcement …

    Ray McCarty of Associated Industries of Missouri says the Governor’s decision to keep the National Guard from going after the rioters cost business owners hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, in lost property and inventory.

    McCarty was on KWOS Open Air.


  4. a couple columbia school staffers will soon be armed

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    The Columbia school board gives the okay for two school district staff members to carry guns on school property. The new policy will allow the district’s director of safety and security and his assistant to carry firearms. Currently, Columbia police officers are the only people allowed to have firearms on school grounds.

  5. will missouri’s ‘fair tax’ get some attention at the capitol?

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    You hear News Radio 950 – KWOS’ Gary Nolan talk about the ‘Fair Tax’ plenty. It’s the move that would do away with income taxes and rely on sales taxes to carry the load. Senator Mike Kehoe feels it might be the time to bring it up again …

    Lawmakers return to Jefferson City January 7th.

  6. pettis county killer gets life

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    A Pettis County man has pleaded guilty to murdering and dismembering a neighbor. Joseph Arbeiter was on trial for the murder of Mandy Black. Arbeiter was sentenced to life without parole for his guilty plea on first degree murder charges.

  7. family sues patrol over drowning death of son

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    The parents of an Iowa man who drowned at the Lake of the Ozarks are suing the Highway Patrol Trooper who arrested him, the head of the Highway patrol, the state of Missouri and 11 others. Craig and Sherry Ellingsen from the state of Iowa field the suits Friday in the Western District Court of Missouri in Kansas City. 20-year-old Brandon Ellingsen fell off a boat being piloted by Trooper Anthony Piercy while handcuffed. An earlier coroner’s inquest found no criminal intent in the drowning.

    Ellingsen’s parents led a short memorial to their son at a Lake area resort Sunday night. About a dozen Lake area residents joined the Ellingsen’s in remembering their son who would have turned 21 on Sunday.


  8. **breaking news** freedom marchers rally at the capitol

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    It’s not ‘us versus them’ .. it’s all of us working together. The Freedom Marchers rally in the rotunda of the State Capitol. National N-A-A-C-P President Cornell Brooks says it’s not time to fight and destroy .. but to make something positive happen for the memory of Michael Brown …

    The group walked from Ferguson to Jefferson City to express their concern that the white police officer wasn’t charged in the shooting of Michael Brown. Along the way. Some counter – protesters shouted racial slurs and held up signs backing Officer Darren Wilson.

  9. you’ll see plenty of cops in ‘uptown’ jcmo today

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    Downtown Jefferson City may look more like police convention than an N-A-A-C-P rally. Samuel’s Tuxedos owner Sam Bushman isn’t concerned about any problems when the ‘Freedom Marchers’ come to town …

    Bushman adds he heard from one paranoid business owner who thought about boarding up her store windows even though the marchers’ route doesn’t even come close to her building.

  10. freedom marchers find more support in linn

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    For the second day in a row, freedom March protestors encounter some counter protests as they marched through Osage County and Linn yesterday.

    But the counter protests were small and peaceful, unlike Wednesday’s encounter in Gasconade County.  NAACP President Cornell William Brooks says for the most part they’ve had a positive reception …

    The protestors will march to the Lewis and Clark Trailhead near the Capitol, where they will hold a rally at 1 this afternoon.