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  1. russellville drunk driver will stay in prison

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    The Missouri Supreme Court rules that a Mid-Missouri man serving prison time for killing two members of a Russellville family in a drunk driving accident should stay right where he is. The court overruling a Cole County judge who last summer ordered Larry Welch to be set free. Welch is serving a 20 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter for the 2007 car crash that killed Jean and Toby Olsen on Route C just outside of Russellville. Two other members of the family were also seriously injured. The high court saying in its ruling that Cole County judge Dan Green didn’t have the power to reduce Welch’s sentence and set him free.

  2. koster goes after planned parenthood

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    Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced an investigation Tuesday into whether Planned Parenthood clinics in Missouri violated state law.

    Koster’s investigation comes a week after the release of undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood staff member discussing the conveying of fetal body parts.

    The video shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola with Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), talking about the conveying of fetal tissue. In the heavily-edited eight minute video, Nucatola discusses prices with people posing as representatives of a “fetal tissue procurement company”. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), an anti-abortion group which shot the video, claims PPFA illegally profits from such transfers.

    Planned Parenthood denies that claim and said the edited eight-minute video twists and distorts what is said in the full two hour and forty two minute raw video. The group said the costs discussed in the video are typical of legal fetal tissue donations for research purposes, and cover costs of transport and storage.

  3. will discipline be an issue in jefferson city schools again?

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    You don’t want an environment where both kids and teachers  are afraid to go to school. But some serious discipline concerns were levelled at Jefferson City’s public schools …

    New Superintendent Larry Linthacum says, while he’s only been on the job for a few weeks, he’s confident those classroom discipline issues are under control.

  4. baby death charges downgraded

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    A central Missouri woman pleaded not guilty to reduced charges in her daughter’s death. The Columbia Daily Tribune reported that 25-year-old Anna E. Steele entered the not guilty plea to first-degree child endangerment and child abuse in the 2014 death of her 8-month-old baby.

    Steele was originally charged with second-degree murder, but Boone County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Knight reduced the charges against Steele last week. A probable cause statement said that an autopsy showed the baby had sustained “massive blunt trauma to the head and also showed evidence of being shaken.”

    Steele’s boyfriend at the time, 32-year-old Cody M. Baker, is awaiting a Sept. 15 trial for second-degree murder.

  5. st. thomas road repair could cost a half – million

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    Cole County Commissioners are going to have to decide what to do with Lower Bottom Road. The road that runs along the Osage River near St. Thomas has been closed for about a month because parts of the pavement are sliding down a hillside. Cole County Public Works Director Larry Benz says it could cost upward of 500-thousand dollars to fix the road. Benz says the commission could use an emergency contingency fund…or ask the state for help.

  6. two cops hurt in jcmo chase

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    A short chase is costly for Jefferson City police. Two officers were injured tracking down Charles Roark early Saturday. Police tried to pull Roark over in the 100 block of West McCarty. He drove to the 300 block of Washington Street before wrecking his car…and taking off on foot. During the foot chase…one Jefferson City police officer suffered a broken leg…while another injured his leg. Police finally caught Roark after a struggle behind a building gin the 300 block of Washington. He faces multiple charges including assaulting a police officer and drug possession.

  7. phelps county autistic teen still gone

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    It’s now been ten days since relatives last saw 13-year-old Johnathon Shay walk into the woods near his Phelps County home with a cousin. The Cousin was found later the next morning…Shay has not been seen since. On Sunday…friends of the family searched area rivers and streams while Highway patrol searchers flew over the vast area of forest near the boy’s home. The family says the boy is a fan of survivalist literature and has disappeared into the woods before…but never for this long. Johnathon lives with autism and is on medication.