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  1. lawmakers don’t have the votes to make missouri a ‘right to work’ state

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    The state’s labor union are claiming victory…after the Missouri legislature was not able to muster the votes to override Governor Nixon’s veto of so-called Right to Work legislation. With 96 votes in the House of Representatives, members fell 13 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to undo the governor’s veto. Those in favor of the legislation said it was necessary to help the state compete with bordering states where Right to Work is currently the law. Opponents said the legislation would drive down wages and place the current labor unions in danger of extinction.

  2. minimum wage bill veto is overridden

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    The legislature did override several other of Governor Nixon’s vetos during the annual session where legislators gather to try and do such things. Chief among the overrides, a bill that would ban cities from banning plastic paper sacks, doing criminal background checks on job applicants and enacting new minimum wages higher than state and federal limits.

    You’re hearing from business leaders who say city – mandated minimum wage hikes are a sure way to drive companies out of
    the state … Brad Jones with the National Federation of Independent Business says small businesses just can’t handle those kind of potential increases to their bottom line. NFIB and others are suing to stop the hike in St. Louis city.

  3. industry’s “friend” at the state capitol says make missouri right to work

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    The man who lobbies for Missouri’s largest manufacturers at the Capitol says the Governor’s veto of the Right to Work measure may be running off potential employees …

    On a recent KWOS Open Air, Associated Industries of Missouri’s Ray McCarty said the veto takes away a worker’s fundamental right to choose who represents him in the workplace.

  4. st. thomas folks will have to continue the detour

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    Drivers in the St. Thomas area have detoured around the washed-out Lower Bottom Road all summer. Commissioner Jeff Hoelscher says Cole County is ready to start the half-million-dollar project, but Uncle Sam is not.
    Hoelscher says FEMA will eventually pay about 75 percent of the cost.

  5. lincoln-u / parks & rec center moves ahead

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    It looks like that planned fitness center on the Lincoln University campus will go ahead as planned. The 80-thousand square foot athletic facility will be a joint project between the university and the Jefferson City Parks Department. Parks department commissioners voted Wednesday night approved a memorandum of understanding with Lincoln. University curators Thursday spent a long portion of its meeting discussing plans for the building. The project is expected to cost between 10 and a half million and 12 and a half million dollars.