Morning News Watch
is there a phony priest making the rounds?

A man pretending to be a Catholic priest or monk who says he wants to build a convent or monastery is asking for money. He’s using the name Ryan Scott or Abbot Ryan St. Anne Gevelinger. The phony apparently turned ...Read More

are you ready to do some “official” jumping jacks?

The Missouri House has already passed the jumping jack legislation sponsored by Democratic Rep. Pat Conway, and it is now being considered by the Senate. The effort by fourth-graders at Pershing Elementary School began in 2008. And each year since, ...Read More

Missouri house speaker hopes tax cut bill makes it

They want to cut your income taxes by as much as 6 – percent and give you bigger business deductions too. House Speaker Tim Jones says Democratic leaders are at least giving the plan ‘lip service’ … But Governor Jay ...Read More

missing jcmo girl okay

A missing Jefferson City girl is okay .. she’s been found in St. Louis. 8 - year old Ebony Coney – King was taken from her school by her aunt yesterday. She was thought to have been on her way ...Read More

KWOS 2-Minute News Update

Here's your KWOS 2-Minute News Update for Friday, April 18th.  Listen now: (more…)

95-Second Sports Update

Here's your NewsRadio 950 KWOS Sports Update for Friday, April 18th. Listen now:

street race turns fatal

Camdenton police call it a street race that turned tragic. 38 – year old Jason Kennedy is killed after apparently drag racing with his son Tuesday. Investigators say he lost control and hit a UPS truck. His 18 – year ...Read More

there’s an apparent motive in a Jefferson city shooting

It was a drug deal gone bad that prompted a Jefferson City shooting last week. Prosecutors have charged Javier Morris and Dennis Summers in the shooting and wounding of a man at a home Friday night. Several others were also ...Read More

texting causes car crash and injures JCMO driver

A Jefferson City teen was texting when he crashed his car on I – 70. 19 – year old Brandon Tomblison lost control on the Interstate near Danville in Montgomery County Tuesday. His injuries weren’t serious.

the pre-world war 2 old cole county jail will be no more

Tear it down .. and build a new one. Cole County Commissioners vote unanimously to demolish the old Cole County jail and replace it with a new courtroom complex … Western District commissioner Kris Scheperle says it’s the only viable ...Read More