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jcmo naacp chief says trouble has been brewing

As investigators look for answers in the Ferguson case, others are hoping to dig deeper.  On KWOS Open Air, Jefferson City NAACP Chapter President Rod Chapel says the unrest is just the tip of the iceberg. Chapel, who is an ...Read More

new allegations against former tiger ‘d-wash’

Two more former University of Missouri students have gone public with assault allegations against ex-running back Derrick Washington, including a women's soccer player who said her coach suggested she could lose her scholarship if she pursued her complaint that Washington ...Read More

the national guard pulls out of fergsuon

Another quieter night in Ferguson, and with less of a military presence as well. Governor Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to stand down after a couple days of more peaceful demonstration in the St. Louis suburb. Nixon told a ...Read More

a man dead in a western cole county fire is identified

A Centertown man is dead after a house fire. 40 - year old Steven Mims died in the blaze in the home on East Railroad Street late Wednesday morning. Investigators are still working to come up with the cause which ...Read More

who is that trooper running the show in ferguson?

Just who is that state trooper you see at the center of the situation in Ferguson? Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson commands the Patrol’s Troop ‘C’ in St. Louis. But he’s told reporters that’s not all he’s about … ohnson ...Read More

a-g holder promises complete ferguson investigation

They marched in the rain in Ferguson overnight, but things were mostly peaceful as protestors rallied once again in the wake of the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived yesterday and met with Brown’s parents. ...Read More

bumbling jcmo robbers still get prison time

They botched the robbery…but a St.Louis couple is going to jail for a Cole County burglary. A Cole County judge gave Charles Lowery a 10 year sentence and Kristie Meeks seven years in the February incident. Meeks was visiting acquaintances ...Read More

tiki bar owner gets 18 – years

A Jefferson City man changes his mind…and pleads guilty to several sex charges. 44-year-old Brett Courtney was supposed to go on trial Tuesday for the 2012 sexual assault of a 16 year old girl in a home on St. Louis ...Read More

eye-witness in ferguson shooting is wanted in jc-mo

Jefferson City police thought there was something familiar about the so-called key witness in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. Turns out Dorian Johnson, who was walking with Michael Brown, is wanted on a Jefferson City warrant for stealing. The ...Read More

hands up! don’t shoot!

Attorney General Eric Holder's trip to Ferguson, Missouri, Wednesday brings the full weight of the U.S. government to its investigation of the police shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Holder is uniquely suited to the task of reassuring protesters that ...Read More