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Is Golden Smoke a Smoking Lounge?

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Have you wondered why the Golden Smoke Lounge is allowed to permit smoking? They aren’t exactly smoking according to Jefferson City Fire Department Chief Matt Schofield… Schofield also says the interpretation of the Clean Air Act is monitored by the city’s code enforcement bureau …

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Hillary and The Donald tangle in Debate # 1


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in a fiery opening debate where seemingly nothing was off limits, clashed sharply Monday night as the Republican nominee worked to cast his rival as a career politician unable to bring change – and the Democratic nominee fought to tag Trump as an empty suit …

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Moped rider accused in attack


A Columbia moped rider…who got into a road rage fight…landed in jail over the weekend. Columbia police say Joshua Maloney wound up stabbing a man with a tire gauge. Maloney had passed the victim moments before near Columbia Mall, while shouting racial slurs. When the two vehicles stopped for light…the …

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Sub Sailors visit JCMO

GROTON, Conn. (July 31, 2010) Sailors salute during the commissioning ceremony for the Virginia-class attack submarine USS Missouri (SSN 780). Missouri is the seventh Virginia-class submarine. (U.S. Navy photo by John Narewski/Released)

You may have spotted some sailors in town over the weekend. The Commanding Officer and several of the crew of the USS Missouri sub visited Jefferson City. Commander Fraser Hudson says he’s always ‘recruiting’ … The USS Missouri is a fast – attack submarine and was commissioned in 20-10. Commander …

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Watch Out Driving Around Jefferson City


If you drive in and around Jefferson City, you know the headache the traffic has been this year with major construction projects going on, including the Missouri River Bridge rehabilitation project. Recently one single accident caused havoc in all directions, delaying drivers for up to one hour. Police say they …

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FBI not quite done with Camden County


Good news and bad news about the phone system at Camden County government offices. The phones are back on, although the phone at the jail has a temporary new number. The bad news…the internet websites are still not working…and the FBI is trying to find out why.

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Man seriously hurt after being hit by car


A Jefferson City man was seriously injured when he apparently walked out in front of a car at Missouri Boulevard and the Expressway yesterday afternoon. Witnesses say 55 year old Kenyon Reed walked out in front of car which had a green light on Highway 50/63 about 2-40 Sunday afternoon. …

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Four years in a donated home for a wounded Marine


You might not realize wounded Marine Tyler Huffman and family have been in their new ’smart home’ for almost 4 – years. Huffman, who was left paralyzed after being shot by a sniper in Afghanistan, still thanks the community for pitching in to provide him a new house … Huffman …

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Family feud ends in drug related arrests


Around 8a.m. yesterday morning, Fulton Police responded to a disturbance call near the 900 block of Lyle Street in Fulton, where siblings Kailey and Brendan Rubin were arguing about marijuana. Kailey, 17, was arrested on suspicion of possession up to 35-grams and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. Her brother Brendan, 19, was …

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No more face-to-face IRS help


Doing your taxes is now a bigger pain than ever. The IRS announced Friday afternoon Jefferson City residents won’t be able to get face-to-face help with their taxes. Though they haven’t given a specific reason for the closure, they say you should visit with any questions first. After that, you …

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