Morning News Watch
man’s body is pulled from the ‘lake’

Camden County sheriff’s deputies are investigating a mysterious death on the water of the Lake. Residents near the 11-mile marker on the Niangua arm found the body of 55 year old David Martin of Kaiser floating on the water late ...Read More

‘racs’ is keeping more women safe

Your donations to Jefferson City’s Rape and Abuse Crisis Service may well have saved some lives. Director Jim Clardy says they helped over 93 – hundred abused women last year … RACS served about 4500 – women when they first ...Read More

the governor fires most of the lottery commission

Governor Jay Nixon announced the Missouri Lottery's operations need to focus more funding toward education. This comes after a review from the Office of Adminstration. Nixon also wants to see improvements in several other areas to help fund public education. ...Read More

3 – busted after wal mart thefts and chase

3 – suspects are caught after a car chase that starts at Jefferson City’s east side Wal Mart this morning. Police were called to check a report of suspicious persons who  were thought to be involved in thefts at the ...Read More

some local athletes say they can ‘whup’ you at bocce ball!

Do you think you’re a good bocce ball player? There’s one group of local athletes who think they can take you. You’re invited out to the Special Olympics Unity Games this Sunday at the North Jefferson City Pavilion. Local players ...Read More

should they leave unfilled jefferson city govt. jobs open?

Your Mayor calls it ‘eliminating a vacancy savings line item’. Eric Struemph’s recommendation could effectively leave some unfilled jobs open … But Struemph doesn’t rule out filling those unfunded positions before the new fiscal year begins November 1st. That will ...Read More

bob holden wants to bring back ‘civics’ class

Some former state officials are backing a proposal to require high school students to pass the same test used for immigrants applying for citizenship. Former governor Bob Holden among those backing the test. Under the proposal, Missouri high school students ...Read More

a jefferson city man accused in stabbing

A Jefferson City man faces charges after stabbing another man. 24 – year old Brandon Rapier is accused of going to a home in the 14-hundred block of East McCarty early Tuesday and vandalizing the victim’s car and stabbing him ...Read More

a jcmo couple dodges murder charges

Two people accused of taking part in a murder at the Lake have pleaded guilty to drug charges. 30 year old Mandy Mitchell and 47-year-old Garland Mitchell of Jefferson City avoided trial on second degree murder charges in the deaths ...Read More

new apache flats sidewalks will make it safer for kids

Your detours and ‘slow – going’ through Apache Flats will be over soon. Cole County Western District Commissioner Kris Scheperle (shep-per-lee) says the Business – 50 project should be done by the end of the year … Next year, the ...Read More