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Barnes on Right to Work

It is expected that Right-to-Work will become a reality after today as the Missouri House is scheduled to approve it.  The Senate passed the bill last week.  Cole County Representative Jay Barnes appeared on KWOS Open Air to talk about it with John Marsh and Kelley Ray.

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KWOS Celebrating 80 Years of Service to Mid-Missouri

Where were you 80 years ago?  If you were in Jefferson City, you may have heard about that new radio station KWOS that was to start broadcasting at 12:30pm on Saturday, January 30th, 1937.  We are celebrating all year long our 80th Anniversary.  On KWOS Open Air, we remembered when …

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JCFD Talks Possible Expansion and Remodels

Jefferson City Fire Department Chief Matt Schofield appeared on KWOS Open Air talking about the past with the JCFD Fire Museum and what the future holds with a possible remodel of Fire Station 2 and another fire station in a growing area of Jefferson City.

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