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A Jaybird Remembered

A friend of ours from high school died over the weekend. The funeral for Guy Rush was Thursday at the California Middle School. I graduated from J-C with Guy back in 1974. Guy was the ‘super stud’ of Jay athletics, lettering in football, basketball and track every year. He then did four years in the Marine Corps. Guy had been very sick last year, but was on the mend and wasactually back at work.

Former Jay and Marine lifer (!) Rod Stafford told the legendary story about Guy when he spoke at the funeral. Back in ’74, the Jays lost to Hickman here in a squeaker. After the game, one of the Kewpie players ended up clobbered.. sporting a missing tooth. when Guy was accused of being the ‘culprit’, he told the investigator, “If I’d done it, he’d still be laying there”. Stafford says they decided it was probably Rusty Sweaney.

I was there. It wasn’t Sweaney. Heh heh.

Sleep well Guy

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