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Frosts Of Fury

Remember Frost Top?We’re supposed to call it ‘North’ Jefferson City now, but to most of us it will always be Cedar City. The flood of the ‘90’s took out most of the houses and businesses in the river bottom, but a few of them may be gone but not forgotten.

Do you remember Paulina’s Frost Top Drive In? Greasy chili dogs and root beer floats at the retro drive in with the big mug on the roof. How about getting gas at Imperial? My father in law actually ran the station back in the 1960’s. What about our buddy Dick Tremain at Tremain’s Airport Cafe and those brain (!) sandwiches?

And how about the Bridge Drive In theater? I remember watching a Bruce Lee kung – fu movie marathon with my buddy Mike in his ’63 Chevy Impala.

But it’s funny how you can remember everything across the river still smelled like the sewage treatment plant.

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