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Camdenton High Bomb Scare

A bomb threat that led to the evacuation of Camdenton High School looks like it was a hoax.

Camdenton Police say a man claiming he was a parent called them Tuesday morning. The man said he had a text message from a student saying a bomb was planted in Camdenton High, and set to explode at noon. That’s when school leaders evacuated the building, and moved students and staff to Oak Ridge Intermediate and Camdenton Middle School to continue classes.

Police went through the school with a bomb-sniffing dog, and didn’t find anything suspicious. Students were let back into the building just before 3:00. Investigators say they couldn’t find an enrolled student at the school with the name the caller gave them. They also think a phone number he provided is a fake. Police say they’re still trying to figure out who is actually behind the bomb threat.

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