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Eight-Year-Old Murder Case Solved on MU Campus

It turns out two notable news stories in Columbia over the last eight years are related. MUPD has announced Timothy Aaron Hoag, the downtown Columbia suicide jumper in August, was responsible for the murder of former MU professor Jeong Im in 2005. Hoag jumped to his death from the parking garage at Fifth and Walnut on August 9th. Im was found dead at the Maryland Avenue Garage in the trunk of a car that was on fire on January 7th, 2005. He was stabbed in the chest with a knife.

Investigators say they got a couple tips a month ago, which led to a guy who apparently drove Hoag to the garage after the crime. There’s no indication that driver was involved in the murder, and he is not a suspect. Investigators also don’t have a motive for the murder.

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