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JCPD Makes Two Heroin Arrests

The capital city’s heroin problem isn’t going away. Jefferson City Police have arrested two people this week, who they found unconscious with heroin at the scene. Michael Strader (left), 32, was found Tuesday with a needle sticking out of his arm in an apartment on Sunset Lake Road. Wednesday, officers found Shawn Moore (right), 33, laying in a yard on Madison with his arm bleeding and a syringe nearby. Both Strader and Moore were taken to jail.

“Both of those persons could have died. We actually thought one was going to,” says JCPD Capt. Doug Shoemaker. “So this continues to be an issue with us, but then again we continue to throw as much in the way of resources that we can to try and deal with the issue.”

Just last month, Jefferson City Police wrapped up a sting which they say led to 17 heroin-related arrests, including five men described as high-level heroin dealers. Captain Doug Shoemaker told us on the Eagle Eye Drive at Five back in February the two major sweeps before that yielded about 100 other arrests.

“We’re making it very clear that we’re going to continue to fight against it,” Shoemaker says. “We have a Community Action Team, which has dedicated much of its staff to dealing with this in cooperation with our narcotics officers, not only within the department, but through our multi-jurisdictional task force that we have with other partners.”

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