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Man Sentenced for Paving Scam

A northeast Missouri man paves his way to prison after admitting to scams here in Mid-Missouri.

Attorney General Chris Koster’s office announced today that Terry Phelps of Palmyra pleaded guilty in late April to financially exploiting the elderly and running an asphalt-paving scam in Boone, Maries, and Phelps County.

Investigators found Phelps worked with others to hide the true cost of projects, failing to complete work he started, and lying about the true value of work he performed. In one case, Koster says Phelps conned a Vichy man into paying $56,000 for substandard paving work.

Phelps has been sentenced to 37 years in prison on 12 separate counts, but will only serve a maximum of 10 years because the penalties will be served at the same time.

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