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Robbery Arrest at JC Kohl’s

He tried to take some t-shirts, so Jefferson City police took him to jail.

Officers went to the Kohl’s on Stoneridge Parkway for a shoplifting call Wednesday afternoon. When they got there, employees had 31-year-old Brian Carpenter of Jefferson City pinned on the ground.

Captain Doug Shoemaker says the workers stopped Carpenter when he tried to leave with some merchandise stashed in his shorts.

“They had confronted him and asked him to come back in, but he refused,” Capt. Shoemaker says. “In doing so, he assaulted the employees by pushing them.”

Shoemaker says the shoving was enough to arrest Carpenter for a strong-arm robbery instead of shoplifting. Carpenter is charged with stealing and pot possession, and is being held in the Cole County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

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