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Sen. Schaefer Says Info-Sharing Investigation Will Continue

Just because the Missouri legislative session is done, that doesn’t mean the spat over the Department of Revenue sharing and scanning documents takes a break.

State lawmakers only guaranteed eight months worth of funding for the Revenue Department, with the rest of the funding coming if they stop putting your personal info into an electronic database. Sen. Kurt Schaefer says Gov. Jay Nixon is threatening to treat that like the full fiscal year budget, and start making cuts…

“The governor’s position basically is shooting the hostages. ‘If you make my agency comply with the law, then we’re just gonna hold Missourians hostage and say nobody gets a driver’s license,'” Sen. Schaefer says. “Our response is what we want is for you to comply with the law, and we’re gonna use every tool in the tool box.”

He, Senate President Tom Dempsey, and an interim committee will look through boxes of documents from the Department of Revenue. Schaefer subpoenaed the department, trying to get more info about the sharing and electronic scanning of some of your personal info.

“It takes an awful long time to go through each one of those boxes, tens of thousands of documents, but there’s quite a treasure trove in there. When we find someone that clearly has information that indicates they’re doing something they shouldn’t do, we’ll bring them in front of the committee.”

Schaefer, a Columbia native who represents Boone and Cooper counties, joined us live on The Eagle’s Wake Up Columbia Thursday morning. He says he’s gotten more calls from constituents about the Department of Revenue controversy than any other issue while in office.

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