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Developer Drops Out of JC Center

One developer for a planned Jefferson City conference center says “no way.” Drury Hotels of St. Louis has withdrawn from the competition to build a center in the Capital City.

The Erhardt Group of Hannibal wants to put up the center on West McCarty near the Truman State Office Building. Jefferson City developers with the Farmer Holding Company would like to build a conference center adjacent to Capital Mall which they just bought.

City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus says the location and design of the new center remains wide open.

“Basically we’ve said that we’ve got nine million dollars to put in and we would not exceed that nine million dollars,” Nickolaus says. “But beyond that, we’re really open to almost any kind of proposal.”

The two remaining developers will present their proposals to city leaders this week. Officials say Drury Hotels indicated the center wouldn’t make the money they would need to operate it.

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