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Man Murdered in Columbia Parking Lot and More Shots Fired

A murder caps off a violent weekend in Columbia.

Police report they found a 25-year-old man shot in a parking lot near the intersection of Conley and Brickton at about 11:10 p.m. Sunday. He died soon after that at the hospital.

Sgt. Joe Bernhard with the Columbia Police Dept. tells us investigators believe that shooting was drug-related, because they found narcotics at the scene. We don’t know the victim’s name yet. While detectives are pursuing leads on possible suspects, they don’t have any other information to pass along right now.

Also over the weekend, Columbia Police are searching for suspects after shots were fired outside a large party in North Columbia. Someone apparently took a bullet to the leg during the incident on Bodie Drive at about 1:00 Sunday morning. CPD says everyone involved with the shooting had left by the time officers arrived. The victim was taken to the hospital for his non-life-threatening leg injury.

Police say the victim in the Bodie Drive shooting is not cooperating with investigators.

Another shots fired incident over the weekend also led to leg injuries. That happened near Lakewood Apartments on Old Highway 63 on Friday evening. Authorities tell us they haven’t had any luck finding suspects there, or for a rape at Cosmo Park early Friday morning.

“I think these aren’t random shootings that are targeting citizens,” Sgt. Bernhard says. “It’s basically between feuding people, or drug-related, or gang-related. It’s not like somebody’s following people out of stores or anything and trying to rob them.”

Police continue to follow-up on the shooting that took place downtown on June 15th. They have now spoken with the man who recorded the incident and say he’s not connected. They do not believe any of the recent shootings are related.

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