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Governor Nixon Tours Mid-MO Supporting Veto

School Administrators from across the state got a lesson from a special guest at a conference in Columbia yesterday.

Governor Jay Nixon made an appearance to discuss the importance of his veto of a big income tax cut for individuals and businesses. Nixon says he thinks lawmakers passed the bill at the end of the session without realizing what was actually in it.

“We’re going to build and economy and a future by cutting education, taxing senior citizens for their drugs, and, oh by the way, also closing the loophole for taxation for college students’ books so we can make college more expensive at the same time? I don’t think a lot of these folks knew what was in this [bill],” says Nixon.

Nixon said the three leading independent credit agencies recently published findings that show potential for a risk to the state’s economy. Later Tuesday, he visited the Fulton State Hospital, where he said much-needed improvements won’t be funded if a veto override goes through.

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