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Shots Fired Between Cars in Columbia

A car crash on Columbia’s Providence Road near Interstate 70 apparently caused no injuries, but does leave investigators with a lot of questions. Sergeant Joe Bernhard says they got word a little before 10:00 Sunday night.

“A lady called in about shots fired… Then she heard a crash. From what I know one of the cars involved in that crashed into a different vehicle, and the other one kept going,” says Bernhard.

Bernhard says they’ve recovered all the vehicles involved in the accident. The two in the crash stayed at the scene, while the third vehicle was found unoccupied near Ashland.

While we don’t have word about arrests stemming from the shooting, authorities did take a man into custody for a separate reason. Michael Ramey-Pennington, 23, (pictured above) of Columbia faces burglary charges from a break-in at a trailer on Range Line early Sunday morning. He was in one of the vehicles recovered from the crash.

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