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Sword-Wielding Fulton Man Arrested

There can be only one Fulton man in jail today for going after relatives with a sword.

Sunday at about 9:00 a.m. local authorities arrested Adam Lairmore, 30, after learning he’d threatened two family members with the blade. He also apparently hacked some windows and doors at the home on Ravine Street.

“The family members retreated to an interior room, and that’s when they heard a bunch of banging,” Sgt. Joe Schramm of Fulton PD says. “That’s when they saw that [Lairmore] was breaking out all the windows with the sword, and the windows that he could not break, he was throwing bricks through the windows.”

Lairmore is now in the Callaway County Jail, on felony domestic assault and property damage charges.

You may remember a story back in mid-May of another Fulton man, David Salmons, cornering three relatives with a sword during a dispute. One of those relatives kept Salmons at bay with a gun. In both instances, no one was hurt.

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