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Evidence Points to New Suspect in Murder

(AP) – A northwest Missouri lawman thinks he has enough evidence to arrest a potential murder suspect, but says there’s nothing he can do right now.

Mark Woodworth was twice convicted for the 1990 murder of Cathy Robertson in Chillicothe. The Supreme Court recently vacated the most recent conviction, and Woodworth could face a third trial by state prosecutors.

The AP reports Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox says his investigation of Brandon Hagan has uncovered startling information. Hagan was once a suspect in the killing, and investigation records now claim he once told a California investor that “he got away with murder and was not scared to do it again.”

The sheriff says he can’t press charges against Hagan until Woodworth’s case is resolved. Hagan was the ex-boyfriend of the victim’s oldest daughter. He was initially suspected in the killing but insisted he was elsewhere at the time.

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