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JC and Columbia Cable Access Both in Danger

The proposed budgets for both Columbia and Jefferson City put familiar TV stations at risk.

The city of Columbia’s newest budget calls for an end to the contract with Columbia Access Television, at a cost of about $200,000 and Jefferson City is considering pulling over $100,000 from JCTV.

Gloria Enloe with the Jefferson City local access station says the money given to JCTV comes from a licensing fee of several-hundred-thousand dollars that is paid to the city by Mediacom.

“Also, it’s $110,000 in a budget of over $30 million. And you get a TV station, you get a studio to use, and it’s just a tiny portion of the budget,” says Enlow.

Both cities are citing tighter operating budgets as a reason to pull funding. Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid says the $200,000 paid to CAT-TV each year would pay for two extra police officers each year.

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