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Laswell Pleads Guilty in Child Murder

Fifteen years is a long time to think about your role in the murder of a toddler.

Joseph Laswell, 23, of Clark will spend that time behind bars after pleading guilty Thursday to second-degree murder and child abuse for the November 2012 death of Jayden Bradds.

KMIZ reports Laswell told the court he got angry with the 18-month-old child because he was fighting with his sister. He says Jayden’s sister pushed him, causing the toddler to cry. When the boy wouldn’t stop sobbing, Laswell says he pushed Jayden to the floor and threw his cellphone at the child’s head.

Laswell also admits he lied to the mother of the siblings about what really happened, and put Jayden to sleep that night. They found him unresponsive in the morning.

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