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Adkison Runs from Cops in Ohio

He’s gotten away again. A man accused of rape in Boone County who broke out of jail last month has escaped police in northeastern Ohio.

Brian Adkison, 23, of Columbia escaped August 10 from a jail in Northwest Missouri. He’s accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend there in June.

Police in the Cleveland suburb of Westlake, Ohio, say an officer tried to question Adkison while he slept in a pickup truck at about 4:30 Tuesday morning. The man started to lead police on a chase.

Officers in a nearby town disabled the pickup about 15 minutes later with stop sticks. Adkison ran off, though, and is still on the loose. Police say the truck was stolen in West Virginia and had a stolen Pennsylvania plate.

Adkison also avoided the law for several days in June at the Lake of the Ozarks before he was arrested.

Social media has joined the hunt for Adkison with one page offering a reward for his capture.

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