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New MO Gun Proposal Coming in 2014

(Missourinet) The Republican Senators who voted against their caucus and killed the gun bill this week think the bill was a mistake. But one of them already is planning a new gun bill for 2014.

Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard of Joplin says contacts from law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys convinced him that a bill he had voted for twice last Spring was infested with constitutional problems. He and Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey (pictured) were the only Republicans in the heavily-Republican Senate to vote “no,” leaving the veto override effort one vote short.

Dempsey referred to vote as a place where “political prudence and good public policy have parted ways.” He says he had “grave concerns” about the public policy in the bill.

Both men are lifetime hunters. Both have backed pro-gun legislation in their legisaltive careers. And Richard says he’ll have a new gun bill next year that he hopes passes scrutiny.

The sponsor of the bill blames Attorney General Chris Koster for sending a letter that scared law enforcement. Richard and Dempsey say that wasn’t a factor and, in fact, they’d heard concerns from law enforcement and police groups weeks earlier.

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