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Task Force 1 Returning Home

More than a hundred people rescued, and everyone’s coming home safely. Not a bad week of work for Missouri Task Force 1, which returns to its Columbia base late Monday afternoon from flood-damaged Colorado.

The search-and-rescue team of 80 Missourians did several missions during its time near Loveland.

Task Force 1 Leader Doug Westhoff says the residents they encountered were prepared for the worst.

“Those communities really had their act together,” Westhoff says. “They knew who had been affected, who needed to be evacuated, who had medical compromise. Those sorts of things that really… made our job easy, and just an incredible appreciation by the citizenry there.”

Westhoff says his team’s work included helping flood victims get away from danger on military helicopters. FEMA gave the team the call to head west on the 14th. The crews stayed Sunday night in Hays, Kansas, leaving from there early Monday morning.

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