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Tax Cut Veto Stands

The veto of a bill that would have cut income tax for Missouri citizens and businesses stands as the house fails to gather enough yes votes for an override.

The measure gathered 94 “yes” votes… short 0f the 109 votes it needed to bypass Governor Jay Nixon.

Supporters said the tax cut would have put money back in the pockets of Missouri workers and helped the state keep up with tax-cutting neighbors.

Opponents – like Boone County Democratic Rep. Chris Kelly – said the bill was written poorly, and was full of problems that would have hurt Missouri’s economy.

“We did not do well with this bill,” Kelly said during a two-hour debate on the measure. “Regardless of the philosophy, no one can defend the workmanship of this piece of legislation. It is a disgrace to the Missouri House of Representatives.”

Provisions that eliminated a prescription drug tax credit and benefits for school textbooks helped erode support for the tax cut. Governor Nixon called the vote “a defining moment for our state and a victory for all Missourians.”

Fifteen Republicans joined Democrats in voting against the veto override.

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