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Zweifel: D.C. Environment Needs to Improve

A complete federal government shut-down could be coming. There are only a few working days left for the US House and Senate before a deal must be reached.

Missouri State Treasurer, Clint Zweifel, says the environment in D.C. is preventing much from getting done. He says lawmakers need to stop talking and start working together.

“And to see folks finding a way to work across party lines, to get things done that wee need to get done, to keep our nation fiscally strong to deal with debt and deficit issues, to pass a continuing resolution that will ensure that we fund government,” says Zweifel.

A shut-down would put all non-essential government workers on unpaid leave until funding could be found. The US government hasn’t had a shut down since 1995.


(Information in this story provided by MissouriNet)

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