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Mixed Reactions over Shutdown Compromise

The federal government shutdown is over, and our nation has avoided default. However, the votes in DC to do that Wednesday night came with mixed reviews from our local politicians.

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill praises the compromise, saying “let’s learn from this and do better.” Republican Senator Roy Blunt voted for the deal too, but he doesn’t seem too happy about it. He says “The federal government spends too much and borrows too much.”

Two local members of the House, meanwhile, voted against the measure. Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler points out the deal does nothing to change Obamacare, and says “I could not in good faith support a plan that continues to hurt Americans through its unfair health insurance mandates.” Fellow Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer also voted no, saying the bill “did nothing to address the nation’s out of control spending.”

President Obama immediately signed the budget deal into law Wednesday night. The measure funds the government through mid-January.

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