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Pair of Armed Robberies in JC

Jefferson City Police are looking into two armed robberies in less than 24 hours.

Officers responded to a robbery on Elizabeth Street at about 11:00 Monday night. The victim said he was meeting with someone he knew in an apartment, when another person pulled out a gun, hit him in the face, and demanded cash. He didn’t need medical treatment, but he did give the robber some money.

A second armed robbery happened Tuesday at about 5:30 p.m. That victim says someone he knew took cash from him at gunpoint, and was possibly still taking things from his home on Scenic Drive.

Police couldn’t track down the suspect. A K-9 Unit briefly picked up his trail, but then lost it. JCPD Captain Doug Shoemaker says there’s no connection between the two thefts, or any other recent crime.

“There’s always more to every story,” Capt. Shoemaker says. “This is certainly not a random thing. There’s no need for any type of fear of random armed robberies.”

No one was seriously hurt in either case. Shoemaker says they have good suspect info in both robberies, because the victims knew their alleged attacker.

“We’ve developed leads. We’re working to close those up, and we expect some closure to the cases within the near future,” Shoemaker says.

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