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Fayette Schools Sued Over Prayer Group

A national group is suing the Fayette school district over what it says is an unconstitutional teacher-led prayer group in the classroom.

The American Humanist Association filed the suit in federal court Wednesday. It claims a teacher led a prayer group in her classroom after buses arrived, but before classes started for the day. The high school principal also announced the meetings over the building intercom.

Monica Miller is a lawyer for the Humanist Association, and says the Fayette schools violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

“Because the school district allowed this teacher to do it for so long, we have reason to believe that any teacher under the school’s policy would be able to pick up this practice again, and that’s our concern,” Miller says. “We want a court order preventing them from doing this.”

KWOS News has called the office of Fayette superintendent Dr. Tamara Kimball, but hasn’t gotten a reply yet. The suit claims the prayer group took place from 2010 through the early part of this year. The high school principal and teacher named in the suit don’t work at the school anymore.

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