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MoDOT Unveils New 20-Year Plan

We know what we want for our roads… we just don’t know how to pay for it. A new report says a funding gap exists between the transportation system that Missourians demand and the one the state can provide with current funds.

MoDOT officials outlined more than $70 billion of wants, needs and projects Thursday, in the agency’s latest 20-year plan. That amount is significantly greater than the estimated $17.3 billion of funding available over the next 20 years.

Director Dave Nichols says Missourians from every county gave them ideas, including one that preserves current infrastructure.

“Before you invest in new transportation expansion projects, let’s focus on keeping the system we have in good condition,” Nichols says of one big public concern, “and take care of what we have before we expand the highway system.”

One of the most expensive proposed projects – improving Interstate 70 between Kansas City and St. Louis – would cost from $2 billion to $4 billion.

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