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Puri: Offer Still Stands for JC Conference Center

Should the Jefferson City Council go back to the drawing board for a conference center? Last week, the council voted to put off the decision between the two proposals. Local hotel owner Vic Puri says neither idea will work.

“The people who got the short end of the stick are the people of Jefferson City,” Puri says. “They’re gonna incur debt for future generations. It’s not gonna be something that gonna go away. This is something that is just being ramrodded down their throats.”

Puri’s plan to renovate his Truman Hotel into a conference center was turned down by the council. He and other hotel owners object to adding more rooms in a city that can’t fill the ones they have. The two finalists have proposed putting the conference center either at Capital Mall or downtown.

“That’s kind of like Obamacare. We’re gonna do something, even if it’s the wrong thing,” Puri says.

Puri says his offer still stands if the council changes its mind.

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