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Shots Fired near Children Leads to Arrest

A Boone County man is in jail after shooting a rifle near two kids.

The Boone Co. Sheriff’s Department reports it happened on Hecht Road south of Hallsville Sunday at about 4:00 p.m. Two children were trying to catch a dog that had gotten off its leash, when Brian Gravatt of Hallsville shot in their direction.

“You cannot be discharging a firearm in proximity to other people,” Det. Tom O’Sullivan says. “That’s just not the way you handle these types of situations.”

The mother of the children then confronted Gravatt, and the 39-year-old pointed the rifle at her too. O’Sullivan says this has been an ongoing dispute between the neighbors, involving the victims’ dog getting on Gravatt’s property.

Gravatt is a convicted felon, so he’s not allowed to have a gun. The weapon was also stolen. No one was hurt.

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