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Snowy Owls Arriving in Missouri

(AP) It’s not something you expect on the drive to work… snowy owls. But, conservation agents are asking drivers to watch for the arctic birds as they arrive to search for food.

The owls are being spotted farther south and earlier than usual in Missouri. A record 69 snowy owls were seen in the Show-Me State during the 2011 to 2012 season, and a Conservation Department spokesman says the record could fall this season.

Brad Jacobs says sightings in Missouri peak about every four years, typically when populations of their prey in the high arctic of North America and Eurasia fall sharply. The owls have been seen this month in our area near Macon.

Snowy owls typically hunt in open areas and often land on highways, where they may be too focused to notice oncoming vehicles.
(Photo courtesy of David Syzdek)

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