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westboro baptist crowd is back in jcmo

*From the JC-PD * It has come to the attention of the Jefferson City Police Department and other area law enforcement agencies that the Westboro Baptist Church will be holding a demonstration in a number of Jefferson City locations tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

As a law enforcement agency, we respect the right of citizens and groups to a peaceful demonstration.  In accordance with this respect, we have met with other law enforcement agencies to ensure that these types of demonstrations remain peaceful and safe for both those protesting as well as those counter-protesting.  We have, as evidenced in the previous years when groups such as the Westboro Church and the National Socialist Movement have come to our community, had very few problematic issues that have resulted in any arrests or disorderly conduct, and it is our intent to continue that success.

We are very fortunate to have an excellent working relationship with the Jefferson City Public School District and Lincoln University, and we have had a number of conversations with them regarding our efforts to maintain safety and order in light of this demonstration.  We are confident that our community will also respect this right of demonstration while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for the safety of all.


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