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Gary Nolan has been “America’s Voice of Liberty” for more than a decade, reaching millions with his message of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and constitutionally-limited government.

Feel free to call into the show and get caught up with Gary and discuss political and personal liberties with the master.

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  1. Are potential lives safed by waterboarding not worth as much as lives saved by decripting software??

  2. I believe that the continuing racism in our country is in part an act of the federal government.
    Think about it. At the time of our birth we are categorized by our race. Think about how many government froms containan area to put down your race. I always put other, then AMERICAN. Why do we have to be described as African- American, Hispanic-American Irish-American. If this was truly a free country where all men/ women are created equal, doesn’t it make sense that we should all just be Americans. We are classified by race/sex by the federal government. Some even get special treatment because of their race, sex, or gender (if they are smart enough to know what gender they are. I think it is time to end special treatment based on race\gender. It may have been needed at one time, but I think now, it is just holding us back. Would it help new member of our country to be welcome as an plain old American, where they could embrace our countries ideals, and not try to make our home like the place they just left because they are classified by the government as a Hispanic American. One side of my family came here in the 1500’s, the other in the 1800’s. At this point does it really matter where they came from, or what color my skin happens to be. Nope, just a plain American like everyone else.
    If we are fighting with each other the government can continue with their own agenda. You can trace every major problem in this country back to the Federal Government. If the country was ran as the founding fathers wanted we wouldn’t be in the mess we have today. Power needs to return to the States. The money needs to return to the states so we are not held hostage by the Fed’s holding the purse over our head.

  3. You don’t understand why people don’t advertise a plane is carrying hundreds of millions in cash? Really?

  4. This was also a case that became of movie “In Broad Daylight” in 1991 starring Brian Dennehy, Marcia Gay Harden and Chris Cooper. Where the towns’ people all shot at and killed him.

    Ken Rex McElroy (June 1, 1934 – July 10, 1981) was a resident of Skidmore, Nodaway County, Missouri. Known as “the town bully,”[1] his unsolved killing became the focus of international attention. Over the course of his life McElroy was accused of dozens of felonies, including assault, child molestation, statutory rape, arson, hog and cattle rustling, and burglary.

  5. I donated to the Honor Flight with the understanding that I would get a gift card from CC Broiler. Please let know what is happening. Thank you.

  6. your last comments on children specifically the 4 that robbed an older man, you placed the blame on the parents. I would like to identify that single parent homes are currently the norm now statistics identify the traditional two parent family is no longer the norm. So there are not parents to blame. The age of understanding and knowing right from wrong is still 7 yrs old. No one forces a child to make their choices they make it and it once again shows how morally sick are culture continues to be. adults play a big role in their children’s life but the child has the choice to follow the behavior being modeled or make their own choices and this generation of kids really focus on it’s peers and wanting to b part of the group willing to give up their own individuality. Children today are choosing to develop dysfunctional behavior and lifestyles. I grew up in the projects of Brooklyn {Bedsti projects Ralph avenue and Fulton Street} majority of the kids I grew up are died in jail or doing the same things they did as children. Only a handful of us made it out. Why? because we wanted something better.

    Very respectfully,

  7. Concerning The Showing of Birth Certificates to obtain MO drivers license.

    I moved to MO officially July 1, 2005 from CO with a valid CO license.
    I was required to bring a birth certificate to the license bureau in Macon, MO
    to obtain the MO license on July 1. If i had come the day earlier to do this, I would not have
    had to do this as July 1 was the cutoff date. So this law took effect July 1, 2005 in Missouri.
    It may be that different rules exist for renewal of existing MO drivers licenses.

  8. Retired teacher, married to teacher. His IT school buddy tells him they can see everything (and hear) students and teachers do and he does not do anything private on his school laptop. This goes for at home, too, and when it is off on some networks.

    Students are not taught both; they, parents, and many teachers teach them to look it up instead.

    Students are not taught arithmetic; they are allowed computers or calculator. Too often, same for grammar.

    Most of common core is done by commputers.

    Students in low SEO areas sometimes lose, damage or sell them.

    Textbooks, bought en masse, are cheaper. Like-new, used books can be bought.

    Learning, such as direction and math, opens new neural pathways in the brain and leads to higher ability in learning other things.

    If not watched individually, students will go off to other pages and goof off.

    Most schools have computer labs, with desktops.

    For these reasons, we say no laptops.

    For these reasons

  9. John F. Schlemmer

    you are wrong Drugs affect the whole family why create another problem. And can’t understand why you think smokeing is good I just lost a aunt 2 years ago to COPD

  10. best ! best ! best !

  11. Gary, I lived near Washington, DC for about 40 years. During this time the Council of Governments (COG), a group comprised of officials from all the Maryland, DC and Virginia jurisdictions in the DC area had numerous discussions on how to cut losses in the bus and subway operations.
    Two stand out in my mind. The first dealt with the savings related to the complete elimination of fares. Doing this would eliminate the need to mess with money: no more counting it, taking it to the bank, servicing fare boxes and assuring that folks didn’t have their hand in the till.
    The other dealt with how to significantly increase ridership. Here they found that if they paid folks to ride they could make an appreciable increase in ridership. The amount needed to pay folks to make this increase just happened to coincide with the price of a bottle of cheap wine. There was a good chance that the new riders weren’t interested in going to work.
    Neither plan was adopted, yet, but the fact that they got serious debate indicates how some of our humble government servants think.

  12. To be logically consistent, the lefties are going to have to stop singing, “Amazing Grace,” because the author, John Newton, was a slave owner, a slave trader, and even had sex slaves in Africa.

  13. To be logically consistent, the left will have to stop singing, “Amazing Grace,” because the author, John Newton, was a slave owner, a slave trader, and even had sex slaves in Africa.

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