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JCMO fire leaves three on the street

Three Jefferson City people were forced out of their apartments after a fire early Saturday morning. Jefferson City firefighters arrived on the scene in the 200 block of Pine Street about 6-15 Saturday morning. The found heavy fire and smoke coming from a deck on the second story of the multi-family building. Firemen were on the scene for more than two hours and estimate the damage at more than 100-thousand dollars.

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  1. $100,000.00 ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ??? Are you shitting me ??
    If you added the value of EVERY House on Pine St. together, you would be hard pressed to get a value of HALF of that. $100,000.00 my ass !! Every house in a 2 block radius of Pine is a freak’n flop house / Crack house.
    The poorest of the poor in Jefferson City live in that area of Town. BE HONEST, if your from J.C. You know this to be true !!!

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