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Shots fired after cops and crowd battle in Columbia

Columbia police use tasers and pepper spray to break up a large fight at convenience store early Sunday morning. During the melee at Texas Avenue and Providence Road there was at last one gun shot fired, four men were taken into custody and by-standers began attacking police. None of the police sustained injuries. Columbia police officers are still trying to find out why the fight started.

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  1. I’ll tell you WHY the fight started, Late night Saturday, Clubs all close, everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY is drunk or well on the way to being so, and somebody say’s something that somebody else takes as disrespect, Words turn to yelling, Yelling turns to pushing and shoving, pushing and shoving turns to fist’s flying.
    The ingredients for a good ruble ? Alcohol + youthful ego and pride + Females = late night rumble

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