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Cole County burglars busted

Monday, October 9, 2017, Cole County Deputies responded to three burglaries. The first one was
at 3:49 pm in the 6700 block of Loesch Road , the second one at 5:06 pm in the 5500 block of Buffalo Road and the last one at 5:13 pm in the 5200 block of Route D. Upon arrival to the first burglary,
a neighbor stated that he drove by the house and gave a description of a white male and white female in the area. At 4:40 pm a vehicle was seen by a deputy in the 5700 block of Loesch Road with subjects
matching the description and stopped it . The vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of two people an
d the recovery of stolen items. The investigation was able to implicate these two people to all three burglaries. It has also led to more stolen property seized, three cars impounded and one search warrant
served in the 3200 block of Cassidy Road
This is a very active case and the investigation continues.

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  1. Names???? Publish the names, DUH.

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