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**CAPTURED** Osage deputies catch man who got away at Linn Courthouse

**UPDATE** — An Osage County man is behind bars after giving law enforcement the slip for a few hours. Steven Brandon was in court in Linn yesterday (wed), where deputies planned to arrest him on new drug charges. The sheriff there says Brandon noticed a deputy approaching him, left the building, and drove away. The Bland native allegedly got out of the truck on a rural road and ran into
some nearby woods. He was later arrested in Gasconade County.


Osage County deputies are on the hunt for a fugitive. Officers said the man they are looking for is Stephan Brandon. Officers do not know if he is armed.  He fled from officers at the Osage County Courthouse in Linn.

Officers said they believe they have the suspect contained around County Road 501 but are asking residents in the area to remain vigilant and report any unusual activity.

Deputies said they are searching for the suspect with at least one K-9 unit and helicopters.

Thanks to our news partner ABC-17 for information.

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