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Greitens trial will NOT begin today


ST. LOUIS (AP) — Opening arguments had been expected to begin Monday in the criminal trial of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, but attorneys instead are still sorting through dozens of prospective jurors who will decide the case.

Greitens faces a felony invasion-of-privacy charge for allegedly taking and transmitting a photo of an at least partially naked woman without her permission in March 2015. If convicted, the Republican governor could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.

Jury selection began Thursday with a pool of 160 prospects. They first filled out a questionnaire, then some were subjected to further questioning by attorneys as they sought to weed out people who could have a bias or for whom service would be too burdensome.

Circuit Judge Rex Burlison acknowledged Friday that the process was taking longer than anticipated. He said some people originally scheduled to be questioned Friday would have to return Monday, and a second phase of the jury selection process would continue into Tuesday.

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