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Clean Missouri issue will stay on the ballot

(MissouriNet) — The Missouri Supreme court won’t determine the fate of a ballot measure proposing to change the way voting districts are drawn up.

The high bench declined to hear the case Monday of Clean Missouri, or Amendment 1 as it will appear on the ballot. Opponents were successful in removing the proposal in a lower court in Jefferson City, but that decision was reversed by a state appeals court in Kansas City. According to the secretary of state’s office, any legal action affecting ballot measures must be finalized by Tuesday (today) because of time constraints to print voting tickets. If passed, the measure would require a state demographer to draw state legislative maps, would require Missouri legislative records to be open and it would lower campaign contribution limits for state legislative candidates. It would further require Missouri lawmakers to wait two years before becoming lobbyists. Opponents, including many Republicans and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, mainly objected to its provision calling for a state demographer to determine voting districts. The Supreme Court decision means the Clean Missouri proposal will appear on the ballot in the November 6th midterm election.

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