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The KWOS Morning Show with Austin Petersen and John Marsh



Weekdays at six, join John Marsh, Austin Petersen, and Brad Boeckmann for The KWOS Morning Show. John Marsh will have your news, Brad Boeckmann will handle the sports, and Austin Petersen will be your host!


  1. Sorry to say I miss the old format in the morning. I enjoyed hearing about local issues and events. I enjoyed the banter between John and Dick. I was a fan of John and Warren, too. Don’t care to hear about Game of Thrones and more political talk. I have Rush and Sean for that. But I hope it is successful for you.

  2. Hey Debbie,

    Thank you for your input! We truly appreciate it.

    As I’m sure you know, with all new endeavors it takes a little time to get your footing so we do ask for your patience. We are constantly working to make a show that will be fun, informative and a valuable service to the community. I’m sure as we all get comfortable with each other and as Austin gets better acclimated with the area, the local content will increase again. I hope you’ll continue to check in with us to see the continual improvement.

  3. Thanks Brad! I may have spoken too soon. Today’s show was entertaining! I wish you three the best of luck! I will continue to tune in daily.

  4. I am so glad to hear that, Debbie!

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