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The NEW KWOS Morning Show starts Monday!


KWOS would like to welcome Austin Petersen to the team!

Austin Petersen is a homegrown Missourian and small business man with a lifelong passion for liberty. He grew up on a horse farm in Peculiar, Missouri and went on to attend Missouri State University, graduating with a degree in the Fine Arts. After developing a career in media in both New York City and Washington, D.C., he returned to Kansas City.

In 2016, Petersen appeared on the national stage as a candidate for President of the United States. He took second place in the crowded Libertarian primary behind Governor Gary Johnson and ahead of cyber security maverick John McAfee. Petersen also finished third in a crowded GOP primary for US Senate in the state of Missouri in 2018. He was also the director of production at FreedomWorks and an associate producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show “FreedomWatch” on the Fox Business Network.

On Monday, we’re starting a new morning show. The KWOS Morning Show with Austin Petersen and John Marsh will air weekdays from 6-9 am!


  1. Sounds like more political talk and no news

  2. Hi Jerry! We promise you, this new show is still going to have the news incorporated. John Marsh will be sitting right next to Austin every day reading the news and they’ll both also still be bringing in local officials.

  3. I really enjoyed the piece with Judge Napolitano. The mainstream political parties are so disappointing that it is good to hear another voice for liberty. I’ve lived in Jeff City for 16 years and I can testify that libertarians are pretty thin on the ground here.

  4. I worried that local news would be left out when I heard you on Monday, but today you redeemed yourself. Welcome. I checked before adding this, you can find where slavery existed in MO by googling “Map of Slavery in MO.” You will get several sites with maps and can figure out where the cut off was. Cole County had slavery as did Callaway.

  5. KWOS already has an abundant supply of libertarian and right-wing pundits getting air time to promote their political views and disparage those with other views.

    I have listened to the morning show for many years to hear about local issues, events, etc. and appreciated in-studio conversations with representatives of local civic organizations and non-profits as to their community involvement in making Jefferson City a better place.

    Please don’t abandon this service to the community.

  6. Thank you! We’re really working to make sure the local content isn’t forgotten!

  7. Hey Stan,

    Thank you for your input! We truly appreciate it.

    As I’m sure you know, with all new endeavors it takes a little time to get your footing so we do ask for your patience. We are constantly working to make a show that will be fun, informative and a valuable service to the community. I’m sure as we all get comfortable with each other and as Austin gets better acclimated with the area, the local content will increase again. I hope you’ll continue to check in with us to see the continual improvement.

  8. Is there or will there be a podcast version for those of us who can’t listen live?

  9. Hi Mike! As of right now we don’t have anything set up, but we do put some of the interviews up at the KWOS Morning Show Facebook page. That is definitely something we could be looking at adding in the future though!

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