There may be some resolution in the case of the tumble – down JCMO building


KMIZ– JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The owners of the building at 202 E. High St. are planning to separate their building from their crumbling neighbor, and they say it will be simple.

“We’ll drill holes through the brick wall and put rods through and secure them to the floor joist. And that’s not going to be real difficult,” said Ruben Wieberg, who purchased the building in 2014.

A section of 200 E. High Street’s western-facing wall fell in June 2018. Afterward, the building owners discovered that 200 and 202 E. High St. were connected by a shared wall.

“None of that was ever disclosed when we purchased the building,” Wieberg said.

A legal battle ensued, and Andrew Neidert, the owner of 200 E. High St., claimed an old law cleared him of liability.

Since the ruling, Wieberg said private negotiations with Neidert have been progressing. He said he and his wife, Carol, are considering purchasing the crumbling building from Neidert for $1.

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