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Veterans renew old ties on the Honor Flight

(MissouriNet) — Two northern Missouri men who fought side by side in the Vietnam War reunited decades later during a veterans trip to visit the nation’s war memorials. Steve Paulsell, the flight director for Central Missouri Honor Flight, says the Kirksville war heroes did not recognize each other on the trip, but they still remembered a promise they made to each other all those years ago.

“He said before he and I parted, we took a dollar bill and tore it in half and agreed that we would both carry that half a dollar bill for the rest of our lives in memory of our third buddy that was killed in action and our service together in Vietnam,” says Paulsell.
Paulsell says that veteran still had his half of a dollar bill with him on the trip to Washington, D.C. The soldier then found out the other half of the same dollar bill was also aboard.

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