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Governor agrees that meat packers need to stay open

(MissouriNet) — Despite coronavirus outbreaks among some of the nation’s meatpacking plants, President Trump is expected to order them to stay open. At least 3,000 workers among 48 meat packing plants around the country have tested positive for the virus. Governor Parson agrees with the president’s move.

 (as said) “Yeah I think that’s a good thing,” says Parson. “Whatever we do we’ve got to keep the food chain going in the United States and for Missouri – it’s a huge issue here. Yes, I want to see them open and I want to see people going to work and making sure we keep that food chain moving.”

The state is testing workers this week at meat processing sites in northwest Missouri’s St. Joseph and Saline and Moniteau Counties, after some cases have been reported there.

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